Sunday, 8 May 2011

The stupid guys

What: The other guys

Who: Will Ferrell (hate him), Mark Whalberg (hate him too), Eva Mendes

When: August 2010

Mastermind IT HAS NONE

I hate Will Ferrell. I hate his guts. I hate his stupid face and his stupid curls and his stupid voice. I freaking hate Will Ferrell, that unfunny bastard, that sorry excuse for a comedian, that... giant handicapped woodchuck. You know, after I saw "Stranger than fiction" I was willing to give him a chance but I'm over that. I'm pretty sure Emma Thompson's presence was the only thing keeping him from sucking ass (which he does, on a regular basis).

"The other guys" reminds me of other spoofs like "Epic Movie" or "Date Movie" that are absolutely disgusting. After an hour and a half of it, honestly, I just wanted to shower... with bleach or... you know... ACID.
I do enjoy raunchy humour now and then but this is an abomination, a failed abortion! It's awful... and it makes me so very sad. Now, I'm not saying I didn't get e few giggles out of it, because I kinda did but as a whole, it's terrible. A 20 minute episode of "The Big Bang Theory" is a bajillion (yes, a bajillion, which is a lot more than a zillion) funnier than this blockbuster monstrosity.

Even the poster is stupid. Only mentally challenged thirty year olds and pre-pubescent boys could think this is actually a good film.

Rating: Pretty crappy